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Dedicated to Healthcare Law

At BalestraWebb Health Law, we seamlessly integrate our clinical knowledge with legal acumen to offer premier healthcare law services in California. Our expertise in both healthcare and legal domains allows us to deliver personalized, insightful legal counsel, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality support tailored to their specific needs.

We are Clinicians and Attorneys

We have been at the bedside, and know how healthcare works. Our distinguished team, consisting of licensed attorneys who are also experienced clinicians, is dedicated to championing the interests of healthcare professionals.

Experienced in Representing NPs, RNs, MDs, PAs and more

Our services include licensure defense for healthcare professionals, establishing business entities and medical practices, and managing complex corporate healthcare issues. This holistic approach ensures our clients receive thorough, expert legal support tailored to their unique needs in the healthcare industry.

“We have experience dealing with licensing boards and representing NPs, RNs, LVNs, PAs, physicians, and other clinicians”

About Us

BalestraWebb Health Law

At BalestraWebb Health Law, we merge clinical expertise with legal proficiency to deliver top-tier healthcare law services across California. Our team comprises licensed attorneys who are also seasoned clinicians, committed to protecting the interests of healthcare professionals. We specialize in professional clinical licensure defense, corporate entity formation for nurses, NPs, RNs, MDs, LVNs, PAs, and physicians, medical spa representation, contract and sales negotiations, civil litigation, and more. Our dual expertise in healthcare and law enables us to provide tailored, insightful legal support to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Areas of Practice

At BalestraWebb Law, we support civil litigation, offering expert legal representation across a wide range of disputes. Our practice areas include contract disputes, personal injury claims, employment conflicts, business litigation, and consumer protection cases. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to crafting personalized legal strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.
At BalestraWebb, we blend our passion for the law with a profound understanding of healthcare. Our unique team, comprised of seasoned attorneys who are also experienced nurses, brings an unparalleled depth of insight into the complex world of health law.
Our firm focuses on guiding nurse practitioners and physicians through the intricacies of corporate entity formation. Our team, equipped with a unique combination of legal and healthcare experience, deeply understands the challenges and opportunities faced by nursing and medical professionals in establishing their practices.
In the demanding field of healthcare, maintaining your professional license is crucial. At BalestraWebb, we work at defending the licensure of healthcare professionals. Our unique team, comprising attorneys who are also experienced nurses, offers a deep understanding of both the legal and healthcare landscapes.

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